About the centre

The centre's mission is to increase and promote research in the field of early childhood education and to be a forum for development in the field. The research centre's role is to initiate and conduct research, impart knowledge and disseminate research results in the field, i.e. by publishing scholarly articles and publications, and by organizing lectures and seminars.
The centre was founded in order to meet new challenges in the field of childhood education. Most children aged 3-5 attend preschool and increased knowledge about how children learn and develop have opened people's eyes for the importance of the first years. Under the auspices of the research centre, scientists and professionals conduct research together and work on urgent and important issues in Icelandic society.
The head of the Centre for Research in Early Childhood Education is Kristín Karlsdóttir, lecturer, University of Iceland.
Þú ert að nota: brimir.rhi.hi.is