Research center on school inclusion

The Icelandic research center on school inclusion was founded in June 2008. Inclusive education is the official policy of the Icelandic school system and it involves teachers education and the whole schooling system of education and teaching. It’s goal is quality education for everyone, democracy and social justice in schools. The policy is one of the United Nations’ goals and the official policy of the European Union.
A few dozen scholars at the University of Iceland (formerly Icelandic university of education) and the University of Akureyri are already conducting research within the field of inclusive education. The research centers goal is to serve as a coalition field for these icelandic scholars, for scholars abroad, graduate students, school administration, schools, school staff, parents and special interest student groups.
Since it’s inception the following has been accomplished:
May 2009 A youth conference was held. Click here to read report in english.
March 2009 A short seminar was conducted by  visiting philosopher John I’Anson.
February 2009 Conference on school inclusion – Are we on the right path in the labyrinth?
February 2009 The article What is (special) education? made available.
June 2008 visiting scholar Julie Allan held seminar for teachers at the university.
June 2008 Founding ceremony
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