Digital Firefly

Digital FireFly will identify and address the challenges teachers, trainers, and teacher-educators face in developing entrepreneurial competences through the post-pandemic New Normal, with special attention to the development of online and blended learning tools.


1. Investigate how teachers, trainers and teacher’s trainers could effectively maintain, adjust and scale their EE strategies to the demands of the New Normal.

2. Train and support teachers, EE educators and EE teacher’s trainers on how to use digital and remote teaching strategies and tools for delivering effective entrepreneurial learning experiences.

3. Provide practical online tools to ease the way for teachers/EE teachers and EE teacher’s trainers to ensure continuity of EE in online or blended learning environments.

4. Contribute to the wider policy and research discourses on the post-covid future of education in general and EE in specific.

Project partners

University of Iceland, School of Education, Iceland

Valnalon, Spain

Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece

Bantani Education, Belgium

Not a Bad Idea, Finland