Divers - Cult

Divers-Cult Project aims at promoting diversity in classroom as key competence for teachers and students from primary and lower-secondary school through innovative pedagogies, recommendations and educational tools.


Through new pedagogies, suggestions, and educational resources, the Divers-Cult Project strives to promote diversity in the classroom as a vital capacity for teachers and students in primary and lower secondary school. For teachers, this capacity must be possessed before entering the teaching profession (European Commission /EACEA/Eurydice, 2013) and must be continuously updated to respond appropriately and effectively to future societal demands, challenges, and opportunities. 

The increasing diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and communities in European classrooms demands capable teachers in promoting inter-group tolerance and understanding by using learner-centred teaching practices that enforce diversity as a benefit and resource. 

 The project encourages students and instructors from participating schools to take a collaborative approach. In this regard, the use of ICT applications is intended to enhance the cooperative attitude and support students' personal growth and motivational learning. The project is based on the needs of the engaged Partners, considering the unique characteristics of the participating school audience and the teachers' and headmasters' reporting following Covid-19 distance learning.


  • Promote intercultural dialogue as a key channel for enhancing conflict resolution,
    mutual respect, understanding, social cohesion, inclusion, democratic participation,
    empowerment of citizens and international cooperation 
  • Build a framework for commonly shared values that fosters cultural diversity 
  • Disseminate these principles and tools of multiculturalism through quality education 
  • Strengthen teachers’ self-esteem and preparation for cultural diversity management

Main Beneficiaries

  • Teachers of Primary and Lower Secondary Schools 
  • Students(6-16 years old) 
  • Parents 
  • Relevant organizations working towards raising awareness concerning cultural diversity


  1. University of Iceland, School of Education, Iceland (Coordinator)
  2. CRES, centre for Research and European studies, Italy
  3. Kauno Simono Daukanto progimnazija, Lithuania
  4. Colegiul National de Arta " Octav Bancila" - CNAOB, Romania 
  5. HeartHands Solutions -HESO, Cyprus