Find your inner inventor

Within thirty months of cooperation, the educational needs of secondary school students will be analysed in the field of product development and entrepreneurial competencies. The project coordinator is the Innovation Support Centre at VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava whose employees have rich experience in activities focused on the development of key competences of students, with emphasis on transversal competences such as creativity, effective presentation or entrepreneurship. Analysis of educational needs is followed by the preparation of a new educational programme entitled “Find Your Inner Investor” aimed at the support of entrepreneurial spirit of students.

Innovative teaching methods are planned to be used in a number of educational activities. At the same time, each of the partner institutions will assess a current situation in their region and adapt the selection of developed competencies to their own needs with the purpose to increase the applicability of graduates of secondary technical schools on the job market. Educational project entitled “Find your inner inventor” is planned as a five-day programme. At the end of this project, each of the participating countries will hold a conference to share good practice and dissemination action plan.


The main aim of the project entitled “Find your inner inventor” is to create an educational module designed especially for secondary technical schools as a superstructure or supplementary module for the tuition of technical and economic subjects. This educational module will be tested in a series of pilot studies implemented at selected secondary schools in all participating partner countries. A closing conference will be held and a programme information brochure will be issued at the end of the project implementation.