Theme of the conference

The aim of the third WERA-IRN Extended Education conference is to explore the multiple ways in which extended education programs, research and theories help communities and individuals prepare for a sustainable future, a future that involves educating responsible and active citizens. 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) inspire governments and communities around the world to transform the world, step by step. One of the SDGs is quality education for all. This conference focuses on how extended education activities are integral to ensure quality education for all, and how extended education can be aligned to reduce inequalities, provide equal access, success and well-being for all students. We invite educational researchers and professionals in the field of extended education to come together to ask critical questions, such as: Is extended education reducing or widening the social gap? Does extended education compensate the traditional education system? How can extended education be aligned with school-based practices to equip young people with skills and values to work for a sustainable future? What are the qualities of thriving communities and what can different stakeholders do to foster such communities? What are the values of extended education practices and how are those reflected in policy, practice and research?